54° Festival dei Popoli

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Here we are, for the new edition of the Festival dei Popoli, the international documentary film festival.
All information are available on the official web site:

All pics are visible here:

Don't miss it!

Giorgia Del Mese's new cd


Giorgia Del Mese is a talented singer-songwriter who won the Tenco's competition two years ago, with her first cd: Sto bene. Now, she is almost ready for the second one.

I met her 4 years ago and I immediately appreciated her indie-pop-rock style. Her song texts are socially active. She sets to music problems and obstacles that people have to put up with every day.

Maybe she's not diplomatic but I think that's the peculiarity I like the most! Her songs are completely consistant with her character and her lifestyle.

I'm really happy she required my photographic collaboration for her new cd because when you have the opportunity to work with somebody yuo know, energies that come out are incredible. 

As usual, when you realize a service for someone I take some pictures for myself, and that above is one of them.

Angelo Romagnoli & Serena Dandini


Tomorrow is another interesting busy day...

In the morning I'm going to Siena for the rehearsal of last Angelo Romagnoli's monologue titled: NON LEGGETE I LIBRI, FATEVELI RACCONTARE. For further information:

In the afternoon and for the evening I'll be at the Pergola's Theatre for another play, called: FERITE A MORTE. A theatrical project written by Serena Dandini, who has decided to give voice to women victims of domestic violence. For any other information about this work, have a look an the website:

Stay tuned!





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